How to get more painting leads?

Painting Leads Now

Sending these emails will get you requests for painting bids

You will receive six professionally written and professionally formatted emails that you can send whenever you have less than 2 weeks' worth of work. You don’t have to spend any time determining what to write, what font to use, etc. Just add your contact information and they are ready to send. If you can copy, paste and send an email, you will get requests for residential painting bids.

And we will tell you how to get a free list

Who will I send the emails to? This system will tell you that as well. And that list will be free. We recommend sending 100 emails per day until you are booked out for more than 2 weeks’ worth of work.

What else will I receive?

• A Quick Start Guide that includes instructions on how to use the system and get a free list of recipients located in the cities where you want to work • An organization system to track which email you have sent and to whom so that you know who you should send to next

"I will use it as often as I can and I'll definitely recommend it."

"Thank you Painting Leads Now for the system you created and the support given. It truly came at a perfect time. I will use it as often as I can and I'll definitely recommend it." — Gledson Misso, Blue Bucket Painting, Inc., Naples, FL

About Us

I’m Jennifer and I have over 15 years of corporate marketing experience. But when I was lucky enough to become a stay-at-home mom, I started helping my husband with his residential painting business. I developed this system and after seeing such impressive results, I realized that it could help other painting contractors who are in need of more business. Over the past seven years, I have fine-tuned my system and I am happy to offer it to you. If you can copy and paste and send an email, then you will have the same success that we have had. Let's get started!

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